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The Maiden and the Bear.


You’d think it would be rare,

For a bear to shave his hair.

But he was lurking in his lair,

When he thought his fur was square.


He decided then and there,

Not a moment would he spare.

He loudly did declare,

That his fur he could not wear.


On his way he did then fare,

Till he reached the barbers chair.

Handling razor with great flair,

The barber shaved the big brown bear.


The bear tipped him rather spare,

Which wasn’t very fair,

As to shave Bear is rare –

I bet you wouldn’t dare!


Bear walked out down the stair,

Into the crowded square

And all the folk did stare,

Or mumble out a prayer.


The crowd called out the Mayor

Like a trooper he did swear,

The mayor was going no-where,

He wouldn’t face the bear!


Now the trumpets they did blare,

But the Bear he didn’t care,

For he was unaware,

That they called a legionnaire.


A soldier on a mare,

Decided he would dare,

But the bear without the hair,

Slapped the soldier, stole his mare.


Then the bear without the hair,

Rode the horse right out of there,

And the people everywhere,

The gossip they did share.


But when the bear got to his lair,

He found a maiden there.

And the Bear gave her a scare,

Because the bear was bare.


Now the Maid was rather fair,

And she gave the Bear a glare.

Said the Bear I do not care,

Is to shave my hair to err?


But she stood up to the bear,

Said your clothes may be threadbare,

Now put on your underwear.

For some clothes you need to wear.


Now the maiden and the bear,

They do make a handsome pair,

Riding out upon their mare,

It was a true love affair.


But the bear without the hair,

Got entrapped within a snare,

Which the mayor who didn’t dare,

Had baited with a pear.


Was it the end of the affair?

Well, the Maid who loved the Bear,

Stopped the Mayor with just a stare,

Cut the wire from the Bear!


But she rode off like a hare,

Left the bear just standing there.

To his lair he did repair,

Once again a solitaire.


So the moral for the Bear,

Who was left in deep despair,

Is that if you want an heir,

Don’t find a Maid beyond compare,


You need to be aware,

That a bear without his hair,

May seem so debonair

But his love life’s going no where.


The secret I will share,

The bear must grow his hair.

Then a lady bear I swear,

Will come and share your lair!