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StubIt's my firm belief that the secret to long life and happiness is to keep learning, discovering new ideas and building new skills. This is a place where I hope to share many of my hobbies and interests, and hopefully encourage others with creative and enquiring minds to have a go as well.

The website keeps growing, plenty of new pages added on Messier Objects and starting to add some Free Plans - Enjoy!

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Astrophotography Gallery

Image of the Month for September 2021: Saturn and its four largest moons.

Saturn and its moons Dione Tethys Rhea Titan

This image from the 28 August 2021 is a composite of two different exposure lengths. The background image with the moons is a stack of about 100 exposures several seconds long.This had to be sharpened a lot as seeing blurred the moons into 'soft' patches at this magnification. On this image there were also some 'hot pixels' stacked as patches of tiny bright dots and, of course, Saturn itself was greatly over-exposed, see below. On the other hand, 'lucky imaging' of Saturn using the 5% best of 4Gb of 16-bit video was sufficient to get much better detail and good colour. The final step was positioning the 'good' Saturn centrally over the over-exposed version and matching the brightness of the two image's backgrounds.

So far the topics covered by this website concentrate on four main areas:

Model engineering - the making of working models essentially using the same materials and techniques as the prototypes.

Norden Steam Engine Typical model engineering project - Norden Steam Engine

Metalworking workshop - not just for model engineering, all sorts of hobby engineering

Quick Change Toolpost In the workshop - make this Quick Change Toolpost

Projects - mostly boats so far, but I will be adding other stuff! All the things that aren't mostly made of metal.

Miss Britain III Fast model boats - Miss Britain III

Astronomy - a hobby that offers opportunities for photographic, engineering and electronic projects while also opening my eyes to the vastness and variety of the universe.

Andromeda Galaxy Astronomy and astrophotography, probing the universe!

That's not everything though, I will be adding reviews of some of my favourite music, and perhaps a few of my own tunes, some of my photography, and you will also find the obscure Adept Lathe Register on these pages.

Adept Lathe The internet legend is here - The Adept Lathe Register