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This isn't raspberry fool... but you're no fool either if you try this recipe. It's a great, simple way to make something ordinary a bit special.

Raspberry treat



Low fat yoghurt

Half a digestive biscuit per serving.

Modus Operandi

Wash the respberries if you are fussy, obnviously you can choose any fresh fruit that works as small bite-sized pieces, from mandarin segments to blueberries or even chopped apple. Put in a bowl and slop yoghurt over the top.

Crumble half a digestive biscuit over the top for a little bit of crunch.

This is vegetarian, for a vegan version choose a vegan biscuit and something like almond-based 'yoghurt'.

How to Eat

Great as a dessert or a healthy breakfast.

By the Way

Choose the shop's own budget brand of yoghurt in a big tub, it will be live, low fat, no added sugar and full of good bacteria and pro-biotics. Just as tasty and as good for you as the ridiculously priced 'health fad' brands. It's healthier than cream and tastes just as good.