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A question that is being increasingly asked across the web is 'what is a TLRT?'

The acronym TLRT was originally coined in 2019 by user @Skinnyman on the Basschat.com forum, as a way to characterise the 'reaction icons' in the popular Invision Community web forum platform.

TLRT stands for 'Those Little Reaction Thingies'.

Resembling large emojis it is possible for different sets of TLRTs to be enabled on a forum, a typical selection is 'Like' - a heart, 'Thanks' - a trophy as well as laughing, confused and sad faces.

TLRT picker in Invision Community

The use of TLRT spread rapidly to other Invision Community forums, and has been used on other forum software and even Facebook,

So there you have it, and hopefully by the power of Google search, no-one need ever wonder what a TLRT is again.

Why have five TLRTs instead of a million and eleven emojis?*

In other words, they are there to add to the positive reputation of the recipient within the forum.  Some are added to the Basschat Watts score, negative ones are not but give an indication, without flames, of the readers sadness or confusion over the subject post.  The five TLRTs are:

image.png.f46cf4f8f945ff34b7bdb118f8e8c688.png Thanks - positive
image.png.e2ccc09fb5e5f4890b0f3ef3557ebf6d.png Haha - positive
image.png.523fa458d4aba7adc976aeeea0cdd5b5.png Confused - null
image.png.1b9d12a35c4d3290e806324c42104e4a.png Sad - null
image.png.e89976e8155d93e8a9ee36ef1f860832.png Like - positive

Of course these may seem limited to some users** but we all know that there is far too much choice available to people these days.  Less is more, Basschat orange is the new black and moss never settles on a Basschat Watts score.

A limited number of TLRTs are allocated on a daily basis and once used, the member can not express his or her reaction until they are replenished by the forum software.  Members stating that they are all spaffed out merely means that they can not add their reaction to a post today because they've used them all up by reading @skankdelvar's posts before anyone else's.

*Thanks to @Spondonbased for this valuable information

**@Teebs mostly