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The Adept Register

The Adept Register will become the first official list of Adept and Super Adept lathes. In time we will build up a list of machines, their locations and basic information about them. Owners willing to send full details and pictures of their machines will be able to have these featured on the website. We also hope to carry more information on the history of these machines, reprints of old articles and modern stories of refurbishment, improvement and modification.

If you have a machine you would like to register please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The following table lists machines registered up to 22 November 2015.


Date Registered

Colour Serial Number Owner Location Condition Notes
Super Adept 15 September 2015 Oxford Blue 2015001 N. Wyatt Staffordshire, UK Undergoing restoration/ modification With faceplate, 4-jaw, catchplate, turning rest. Backgear added.
Super Adept 16 September 2015  Black 2015002 H. Lewis Cambridgeshire, UK Restored in original condition With faceplate, catchplate, dead centres, chuck key and boxed four-jaw.
Super Adept  29 September 2015 Black 2015003 S. Greenhough  Manchester, UK  Unrestored, good original condition  Faceplate and centres, inherited unused from family member
 Super Adept 20 October 2015    2015004 I. Clark  Darfield, Canterbury, NZ  Bought new 1963, still in use. The only modification is a 4 way tool post. Powered by a 180 Watt shaded pole motor from an old cash register. 
Super Adept 22 November 2015 Blue wth red lettering 2015005 G de Jong Sasolburg, SA Good usable condition. Used but little wear. It was donated to me by a person who also also received it as a donation from the person who used it to make models. I have cosmetically restored it and fitted a drive pulley similar to original. It is now on display - not in use yet.