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Here's a selection of useful links for Adept and Super Adept owners:

Super Adept in the Joe Martin Crafstmanship Museum

An immaculate Super Adept in Joe Martin's renowned collection of miniature engineering.

F.W. Portass at Graces Guide.

Graces Guide is an astonishingly comprehensive repository of documents relating to Britain's industrial heritage. The site has several old Adept advertisements, plus one for the Model X.L. Lathe, which was actually made by F.W. Portass' brother's company 'The Portass Lathe and Machinery Co.'

Adept Lathes at

As always a comprehensive history of the Adept lathes, including the licenced antipodean version, made by TNC in Australia before and after WWII.


If you can suggest a useful link, pleas let me know!


A 1932 Advert for the Adept Lathe

A 1932 Advert for the Adept Lathe