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Charles Messier (1730-1817) was a French astronomer who had an obsession with comets. Getting fed up with 'discovering' fuzzy blobs that turned out to be distractions, he made a catalogue of things to avoid in the night sky. His friendly assistant and rival Pierre Mechain assisted him in this task, and eventually he came up with a list of 103. Later astronomers added another 7 (although number 102 was 'bogus'). So, 109 'Messier Objects' numbered 1-110, got it? Do keep up at the back...

Well that's almost ten times as many objects as comets, and the irony is that Messier's comets faded back into the obscurity of the outer solar system, while his list is a favourite guide to many of the best sights in the night sky!

The list includes several types of object, mostly globular clusters, open clusters, planetary nebulae and galaxies. Most are telescopic objects, but several can be seen with the naked eye, especially from 'dark sky' sites.

This is the first Messier Object I photographed, the Hercules Cluster - M13, a massive ball of stars, within our galaxy and bound together by gravity, just visible to the naked eye.

M13 Hercules Cluster

M13, also known as the Hercules Cluster

My ambition is to photograph and observe as many of the objects as I can - and each time I 'tick off' another object I will post its image up here.

Perhaps eventually I can rival this brilliant collage of Messier objects by Michael A. Phillips:

"All messier objects (numbered)" by Michael A. Phillips - official blog. Licensed under CC BY 4.0 via Commons -

"All messier objects (numbered)" by Michael A. Phillips