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A standard Skywatcher 9x50 finder scope is often a popular and successful choice for a guide scope, used with a suitable camera. But the standard finderscope bracket is a bit flimsy and the scope to T-mount adaptors are a bit pricey!

As an alternative, here are two STL files. One is for a robust mounting bracket with a standard Vixen/Skywatcher dovetail to suite any scope with a barrel about 50mm or so in diameter. Use it with six Nylon M6 screws.

3D Printed Guidescope Bracket
The other is a T-mount adaptor that fits the internal thread left when the eyepiece fo a Skywatcher 9x50 finderscope is unscrewed. It does not suit Celestron finderscopes which apparently have a 1mm pitch thread.

Guidescope Adaptor

It should allow any t-mount fit astro camera such as a ZWO to be brought to focus by adjusting the front lens.

Print the parts large end down. I suggest 1.2mm wall thickness and 25% fill. the threaded adaptor will benefit from 0.06mm layers if your printer can do them.

Take care when first threading the adaptor, it may be a little stiff at first, especially if your printer over-extrudes, and take care not to cross-thread it.

Use these links to download the STL files:

Download Finderscope Bracket

Download Finderscope to T-Mount Adaptor